Main objective of OSEM-EV is a comprehensive thermal management system by novel electro-thermal architectures and control algorithms, including thermal insulation, thermal storage, innovative heating and cooling approaches applied to the powertrain (battery, inverter and motor), battery life duration enhancement as a side effect of thermal management, electronic control of energy and power flows, energy efficiency of electrified accessories as well as energy substitution and harvesting functions.



Project Structure

OSEM-EV applies a holistic approach for management and control of the project activities. A careful partitioning of work and the definition of clear interfaces between the different Work Packages (WPs) and Supply Chains (SCs) is proposed for the success of OSEM-EV. The OSEM-EV project has chosen an approach where WPs represent the R&D domains with a focus on technologies and methodology, while SCs represent experimental work and implementation efforts leading to the integration of the subsystems and their validation.


Horizon 2020

The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation