30 and 31 January 2018 at Centro Cultural Andratx, Mallorca, Spain, organised by ECSEL JU

The workshop discussed and presented the vision concerning the "Electric Connected Automated Cars 2030" to technical and public audience through guest speeches among the members of the financing stakeholders: ECSEL JU and H2020 Green Vehicle Initiatives as well as EU technology Platforms (ERTRAC, EARPA and EGVIA), many industrial companies and research partners. Senior representatives from OSEM-EV partners, Infineon Technologies, Daimler, AVL and BUT presented talks on transformations required toward human centered mobility in future, featuring connected and automatic driving. These talks outlined a number of key objectives and challenges on electric mobility, some of which are the main focus of research and development in OSEM-EV and its sister projects 3Ccar and SilverStream. The workshop identified 6 key technical fields that future research and developments should be focused.

  • Data availability and sharing
  • Connectivity
  • Intelligence on board
  • Clean, sustainable, affordable Propulsion
  • Sensors and sensor fusion
  • Infrastructure and services for smart personal mobility and logistics