10-12 October 2018, Aachen, Germany

OSEV-EV partner Hutchinson plans to their innovative approach to battery thermal management at Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology & Exibitions to be held in Aachen on 10-12 October 2018.  A Innovative Approach of Battery Thermal Management, will be presented.

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Review Preparation Meeting @ Hutchinson, Montargis, FR.


In May 2018, the OSEM-EV Review Preparation Meeting was hosted by Partner Organisation Hutchinson in Châlette-sur-Loing, held at the inspirational and collaborative Areas of 507 Fab House, close to the Hutchinson Research Center.

16th of April 2018, Vienna, Austria


TRA2018 in Vienna, Austria, is a premier EU conference on transportation technologies. It emcompasses a broad spectrum of research and innovation activities, ranging from basic research to application-oriented engineering, social, technical and economic aspects, as well as policies and standards.

TRA2018 covers all modes of transport: Road, Rail, Waterborne, Aviation, Cross-modal, not mode-specific. OSEM-EV partners used TRA2018 as an excellent platform for dissemination of the findings made during the project in a number of forms, including oral presentations in technical sessions, and poster presentations in Market Place and in EGVIA stands.

30 and 31 January 2018 at Centro Cultural Andratx, Mallorca, Spain, organised by ECSEL JU

The workshop discussed and presented the vision concerning the "Electric Connected Automated Cars 2030" to technical and public audience through guest speeches among the members of the financing stakeholders: ECSEL JU and H2020 Green Vehicle Initiatives as well as EU technology Platforms (ERTRAC, EARPA and EGVIA), many industrial companies and research partners. Senior representatives from OSEM-EV partners, Infineon Technologies, Daimler, AVL and BUT presented talks on transformations required toward human centered mobility in future, featuring connected and automatic driving. These talks outlined a number of key objectives and challenges on electric mobility, some of which are the main focus of research and development in OSEM-EV and its sister projects 3Ccar and SilverStream. The workshop identified 6 key technical fields that future research and developments should be focused.

  • Data availability and sharing
  • Connectivity
  • Intelligence on board
  • Clean, sustainable, affordable Propulsion
  • Sensors and sensor fusion
  • Infrastructure and services for smart personal mobility and logistics

7th of November 2017, Manufacturing Technology Centre, Midlands, UK

The conference is dedicted to e-Motor Multi-Disciplinary Optimization for electric vehicle traction, employing advanced electromagnetic and multi-physics tools.

The OSEM-EV Member University of Sheffield presented a talk on “A computationally efficient multi-physics optimisation technique for permanent magnet machines in electric vehicle traction applications”. The presentation describes a computationally efficient optimisation technique for permanent magnet machines in electric vehicle (EV) traction applications. It addresses multi-physics machine designs against driving cycles, including inverter-machine system energy efficiency, thermal behaviours and mechanical stress in rotor lamination. To drastically reduce computation time of repeated finite element analysis (FE) of the non-linear electromagnetic field and mechanical stress in permanent magnet machines especially interior permanent magnet machines (IPM), a set of analytical machine models characterised from FE calculations are developed which lead to significant reduction in computation time without compromising accuracy during an optimisation. The proposed technique is applied to a multi-physics design optimisation of an IPM machine for EV traction against 6-8 leading design parameters, and is validated by a series of tests on a prototype machine.

The conference provided an important forum for industrialists and academics to learn and discuss this important area of e-motor design for electric vehicle traction.

10-12 October 2017 in Plymouth, Michigan, USA


OSEV-EV partner USFD has presented two papers at SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) Thermal Management System Symposium on 10-12 October 2017 in Plymouth, Michigan, USA

The presentations disseminated the OSEV-EV finding to technical specialists in vehicle thermal management systems across the world and stimulated further technical discussion on this topic.


Computationally efficient, electro-thermally coupled model for permanent magnet machines in electric vehicle traction applications

Liang Chen, Xiao Chen, Jiabin Wang and Antonio Griffo
The University of Sheffield, UK

Comparative Study on Thermal Management Schemes with Waste Heat Recovery from Electric Vehicle Power Train

X. Chen*, J. Wang*, A. Griffo*, A. Spagnolo+, K. Kriegel+, C. Roemmelmayer** and J. Endrulat++
* University of Sheffield, UK
+ Siemens, Germany
** Infineon, Germany
++ Daimler, Germany

17th - 18th of May 2017, London, England, UK



 OSEM-EV partners attended at the 13th Vehicle Thermal Management Systems Conference and Exhibition - VTMS 13. It took place at 17th and 18th of May in London.


VTMS 13: dedicated to discussing the latest international developments in Vehicle Thermal Management Systems In order to reduce emissions and make all vehicles more efficient, VTMS 13 will showcase the latest research and technological advances in heat transfer, energy management, thermal comfort and the efficient integration and control of all thermal systems within the vehicle.

The programme will feature plenary sessions, breakout technical sessions, panel discussions, and a dedicated exhibition to bring you the latest product offerings from around the world, along with a great opportunity to network with the leaders in industry.


19th - 21th June 2017, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK






The 18th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology will be taking place from 19th - 21th June this year in Edinburgh.


The Paper "Determination of optimum high-side pressure of R744 automotive heat pump using Fibonacci search method" by  J. Glos and F. Solc is presented.

9th of June, 2015, Brussels / BE

Concept of the Umbrella Kick-off event


In the context of the Umbrella Project Kick-off, the funded research projects 3CcarOSEM-EV and SilverStream will present their vision concerning the "Next level of Electro-Mobility" to the public audience.


“Size matters”: 3Ccar is co-funded by ECSEL JU, 14 European countries and in total 30 European industrial partners and is driven by major automotive and semiconductor companies. OSEM-EV and SilverStream are funded by the H2020 - EU Green Car Initiative. Since electro-mobility becomes global, we welcome very much our partner from Taiwan and investors in European companies from China. The three projects will cooperate as a cluster, aiming to synergize their efforts and provide a harmonized research.

The projects will align their communication towards the citizen in the street, providing a clear answer on tomorrow´s economic and social needs.  The cooperation of the consortia will act as a role model for the electro-mobility research. This will pave the way to the next level of efficiency, safety, robustness and the practical value of electric vehicles in the spirit of products conceived by European inventors.

The Umbrella session "Next level of Electro-mobility" in Brussels is embedded into the dedicated Kick-off-events of the three projects during June 8th and June 11th 2015. The Kick-offs are organized by Infineon Technologies AG as project coordinator.


11th of April, 2016 - euronews

A greener road ahead?



Innovative Ideas

Wouldn’t it be nice if your future car is not only driven by electric power but also provides food?  European scientists have developed a prototype of a car, which includes microwaves and frying pans instead of boots designed to carry luggage like most other cars. It’s made to not only drive a car by using photovoltaic energy, but also to power a kitchen in an ecological way. The goal is to explore new innovative ways to design and produce modular urban light electric vehicles.