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OSEM EV Consortium


AVL as Tier 1 supplier for system architecture and test expert with the objective to enhance the global system understanding and to minimize the effects of the thermal stresses and the necessity to test these effects.

Brno grau freigestellt

The Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) of the Brno University of Technology, with its expertise in motor and inverter control and advanced model-based control techniques to enhance the efficiency of the drivetrains as well as to facilitate the recuperation and energy flow control.
Daimler freigestellt Daimler as OEM with broad system experience will provide the basis of the project work by vehicle requirements and specifications, taking in particular care about thermal stability, electrical loadability of battery systems as well as comfort and convenience.

Fraunhofer IISB

Fraunhofer IISB as largest European application-oriented research organization with its expertise in electro-thermal battery system modelling and design for electrified vehicles.

Hutchinson freigestellt

Hutchinson as Tier 1 supplier for thermal management solutions like super thermal insulating materials for passenger compartment and battery, and thermal energy storage subsystems.
infineon freigestellt Infineon as Tier 2 for the controlling, switching and sensing components of the electrical powertrain with the aim to reduce the losses within the switching elements, the ambition to provide sufficient and cost efficient computing power to manage the thermal and electro-thermal energy flows.


Interactive Fully Electrical Vehiclesas OEM for small city EVs with the ambition to realize a new cost efficient cooling and heating solution for micro EVs.

saft sas freigestellt

Saft SAS as Tier 2 for the battery with the ability to provide thermal and electro-thermal battery models with ageing information and current stresses.
Siemes Siemensas Tier 1 supplier for electrical powertrains with the aim to realize an optimized thermal management for high efficient motors and inverts to control the losses and facilitate the energy recuperation.
tud_logo.jpg Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden as German elite university with its experience in functional integrated lightweight design to develop new techniques for high-power wireless charging subsystems and to support the design of thermally insulated interior parts.
TUOS Logo freigestellt University of Sheffield as British university specialized on electrical power train design, evaluation and robustness assessment.
Valeo Valeo as Tier 1 supplier for electrical powertrains for EVs to enhance the robustness and efficiency of powertrains, preventing additional battery stress.

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